Cloud Migration - Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit Guide

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, also known as MAP, helps you to assess and understand the IT infrastructure and assets. It's a free assessment and reporting tool. In this article, I will show you how we can use this tool for migration activities. Assessment is the first phase of any migration activity. Clear assessment will help us to plan and execute the migration activity in a smooth manner.
  • Download Link.
  • Once you've downloaded the EXE from the above link, run the MAPSetup.exe program and install the application.
  • Run the installed MAP application. Provide any standard name and click OK.

  • You will be shown the landing page. Click on the "Perform an Inventory" link.

  • Select the "Inventory Scenarios" and click Next.

  • Select the discovery options and click Next.

  • Put in the active directory credentials and click Next.

  • Add all the credentials required to get details from selected assets/computers and click Next.
  • Click "Finish" in summary screen.
  • Data collection will be started. Click "Close" when "Not Started" status changes to "Completed".
  • Click "Generate Windows Azure VM Readiness Report".

Generated reports consist of the below details.
  • Azure VM Capacity
  • Linux environment Summary
  • Server Virtualization Recommendation
  • VMWare Assessment
  • Windows Azure VM Readiness
  • Windows Environment Summary
Similarly, we have the option to collect the performance data, which will be used to choose the right machines in the cloud during migration.

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