Configure Facebook App Service With Azure


  • An active Azure subscription.
  • An active Facebook account.

Steps for configuring Facebook with Azure.

Step 1

Open the Facebook developer webpage and sign-in with your Facebook account credentials. I have provided a link for a webpage for  Facebook developers.

Facebook developer

Step 2

Click "Create App" on the top-right corner of the window.

create app with Facebook developer

Step 3

Now, we need to provide a name for the application and it must be unique. It will not accept the names like Facebook. Then, click "Create App ID".

create app with Facebook developer

Step 4

Enter the captcha for the security check and click "Submit". Now, you will be redirected to the Facebook developer dashboard.

Step 5

Before adding the application’s URL, sign into Azure portal and switch Facebook developer tab. Now, click "Get started" under Facebook Login. Then, choose a platform.

Azure Facebook developer tab Azure Facebook developer tab

Step 6

After selecting the platform, add the application URL and click "Save".

Azure Facebook developer tab

Step 7

Click "Next" for setting up the Facebook SDK and click Next again in access tokens and permissions needs window. After that, the account is registered as administrator. For authentication, click "App Review" in teh left pane and enable the public aunthentication.

Facebook SDK for Javascript

Facebook SDK for Javascript

Facebook SDK for Javascript
Azure App Review

Before adding the information of the application to Azure, we need to provide the APP ID and App secret password for authentication and authorization.

Step 8

Click "Settings" and select "App secret" field and make a note of the password and App Id.

Step 9

Now, switch to Azure portal and select the application. Click Settings -> Authentication/Authorization.

Step 10

Switch the app authentication as ON and paste the app id and App secret password. Click "OK" and click "Save".

azure app authentication