Configuring Azure ExpressRoute Virtual Network Gateway


There are two types of ExpressRoute connections from Azure to the customer end. One is ExpressRoute Circuit, and the other is the Virtual Network gateway for ExpressRoute. In this article, we will learn how to configure the Azure ExpressRoute gateway. If we need to configure the Gateway, we need the Peer circuit URL and the Authorization key. The circuit owner creates an authorization key and the peer circuit URL from their ExpressRoute circuit, and the authorization is valid for only one connection. If we need to make more connections, each connection requires a separate authorization key.

Step 1

Select the resource group that will create the Virtual Network Gateway for ExpressRoute and click + Creates in the Azure portal.

Configuring Azure ExpressRoute Virtual Network Gateway

Step 2

Click Create to start the deployment.

Step 3

In the Create virtual network gateway page, the following details have to be entered to create the gateway. 

  • Name of the ExpressRoute Gateway.
  • Select the correct region.
  • Select the Gateway type as ExpressRoute.
  • Select the SKU as Standard.
  • Select the Virtual network, and it will automatically pick the GatewaySubnet.
  • Create a new Public IP address and click Create button.

Step 4

After creating the ExpressRoute gateway, we can verify the Gateway type and the SKU.

Configuring Azure ExpressRoute Virtual Network Gateway

Step 5

In the ExpressRoute Gateway, select Connections under the Settings, and then Click + Add.

Step 6

In the Add connection page, select the connection type as ExpressRoute and click the Redeem authorization check box.

Step 7

After selecting the Redeem authorization checkbox, we will get the Authorization key and peer circuit URI text box, end the Authorization key and the peer circuit URI from that text box, and click Ok. After creating the connection, the on-prem device is able to access the cloud environment.


In this article we learned how to create the Virtual Network Gateway for ExpressRoute; if you have any queries, please leave a comment in the comment box.

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