Create FAQ's As Sharepoint Modern Page Used In Sharepoint Intranet Site


In this article, I am going to create a "FAQ page" using Sharepoint Modern Page. It can be built using Out of the box features of Sharepoint, which allows user to create links of Headings within the Sharepoint page, and the links, which allows the reader to navigate between the main list of questions and each article of the page and also FAQ can be used in the Sharepoint Intranet Site as a clickable Question.
Steps to create a Sharepoint Modern Page

Create a New Sharepoint Page 

The Sharepoint Site in which you want to create "FAQ", click on "+NEW" and choose the 'Page' to create a new Sharepoint Modern Page 
Choose the Blank Page and click on Create Page to create a new Sharepoint Page
Type the Title of the Page
If you want to edit the title bar then you will find an option on the left corner of the web part, such as:
  • Edit Web Part
  • Change Image
  • Change Image Focal Point
  • Reset to default Image 

Steps to add "FAQ" in the page

Click on "+" to add a new Web part.
Choose the Text Web Part.
Add the title of your FAQ and format the text as Heading1
(ex: Frequently asked questions about Coronavirus Disease 2019 Basics).
Below is the title of your FAQ, list the different questions and format the text as Normal Text. 
Below is the list of questions that you just added. Insert the questions and the content/description/answer. 
Make sure each question is formatted as Heading 2 and the text/content/description is formatted as Normal text.
Publish your Page.
Once your page is published, you can get the URLs/anchor link for each question/answer that you just created.
Simply hover over the title of the question and you will see a link icon appear next to it. 

Right-click the icon to copy the link and paste it into a temporary document

Repeat this for each topic 

Once you’ve copied the URL for each topic, edit your page and add the links as hyperlinks to the FAQ list that you created at the top of the page.
To add a link select your text and click on the hyperlink icon

Steps to display FAQ in Sharepoint Site

Open the Quick links web part and add the Hyperlink of each question in every quick link 
Add all the Questions in the place of title and set the hyperlink of the question and its description in Link 
In this way, you can make the Frequently Asked Question Clickable in the Sharepoint Intranet Site.