Create Easy Tables On Azure And Add Data Using Fiddler - Part Two


This article is in continuation of my previous one in which we were working with creating Easy Tables using Mobile Apps. Here, we will be using Fiddler in order to add data towards the SQL Database which was created before.

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is a web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between our computer and the internet. It allows us to manage traffic, set breakpoints, and work with incoming and outgoing data. It holds a powerful event-based scripting subsystem and can be extended using any .NET language.

Note - Work on the previous part of this article to create Easy Tables under Mobile Apps – SQL Database and a SQL Server.


  • Microsoft Azure account. (Click here to get a free trial Azure account)
  • Fiddler. (Click here to download Fiddler 4)

Follow the below steps now.

Step 7 - Login to Azure Portal and copy the Mobile app's service name.

Step 8 - Paste the service name over here and open Fiddler now.

Note- If you don’t have Fiddler installed on your machine, download it from the above link and install it.

Step 9 - Select “Composer” from the menu available in Fiddler.

Step 10 - Select “POST” from the drop-down menu on Parsed.

Step 11 - On the URL tab, enter the service name with table name, as shown below.

Example -

Step 12 - Now, on the Request Body place, enter the following queries to add data into the table which was created.


Step 13 - Now, click on “Execute” option at the top right side.

Step 14 - Now, enter the above URL which was given to Fiddler in a web browser. This will help you find the data that has been added towards your SQL database which was created. You can also find the data that has been added with help of the Azure Portal.

Well! Now, your data has been added towards the SQL database using Fiddler.