Create SharePoint Site Using SP Designer Workflow

Some of us want to create a SharePoint site when an item is added to a SharePoint list. For SharePoint on-premise, we can achieve this using the event receivers and with SP online we can use designer workflow with REST API call to achieve this.

Introduction to Designer Workflows

  • SharePoint Designer is one of the best tools to create the workflows.
  • A lot of activities, actions, and conditions are available in Designer. We can create rules that associate conditions and actions with items in SharePoint List and Libraries.
  • We can use the workflow for the business process and approval process.

Below is the workflow start options for SharePoint List & Libraries:

  • Allow workflow to be manually started.
  • Start workflow automatically when an item is created.
  • Start workflow automatically when an item is changed.

Steps to Create a site using Workflow

In a previous article we have seen how to create list workflow using SP designer.

Once you have created the list workflow using the above article follow the below-listed steps to create a site using designer workflow.

You need to activate the “Workflow can enable app permission” feature to enable the app step in the designer. Inside the app step only we will add the logic (REST API call) to create a site. The user performs the below step to activate the feature.

Go to site - settings - Manage site features - “Workflow can enable app permission” - Activate


After activating the feature get the app identifier.

Go to site - settings - App permissions


On the site app permission page, you can see the workflow then get the workflow id as shown below.

App Permissions

Then go to the appinv.aspx page using below URL,

Append /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx to site URL to see the hidden App Permissions page

  • Enter the selected workflow App ID and click pop up
Provide below XML on the Permission Request XML Textbox as shown below and click on Create button.
  1. <AppPermissionRequests>  
  2.    <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection" Right="FullControl"/>  
  3. </AppPermissionRequests>  

App Step will be enabled on the designer after you do the above steps. Then follow the below procedure.

Step 1

Create variables in workflow,

  • Title - New Site Title
  • Description - New Site Description
  • SiteURL - New site URL name
  • SiteTemplate - it may be team site, blog, project etc.
  • RequestURL - URL of Where the site has to be created

Here is the Workflow screenshot for your reference


Step 2

Build a dictionary value for REST API call, below dictionary values need to be created.

Name Type Type 



Name Type Type 



NameType Value
__metadataDictionaryVariable: MetaData
UrlStringVariable: SiteURL
TitleStringVariable: Title
DescriptionStringVariable: Description
WebTemplateStringVariable: SiteTemplate



NameType Value
parametersDictionaryVariable: Parameters


Step 3

Once the variables have been created add the app step to the workflow as shown below,


Step 4

Then add the HTTP call activity inside the app step,


Step 5

Then right-click on the activity and click the advanced properties from the top ribbon,


Step 6

Set the properties & create a new variable for responsive content.


Step 7

Then save the workflow and check for errors,


Finally, publish the Workflow.


When you create an item in the list the site will be created successfully.


In this article, we have explored how to create a site using SharePoint designer workflow.