Creating An SQL Server Database In Azure Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

This is an alternative way to create a database in Azure. You can also create the database in Azure directly in Azure portal.


  • Visual Studio 2015.
  • Azure account with at least basic subscription.

Step 1

  • First, you need to open Visual Studio 2015.
  • Go to Tools ->Add SQL Server.


  • The screenshot is given below:

Step 2

  • You will get a dialogue box, as shown in the image, given below:
  • Click on Azure option and add your Microsoft account, which is linked with Azure subscription.


  • Once you click on Add an account option, you will be asked to login into Azure account.

Step 3

  • Now, you will get an option to add new database.
  • Click new SQL database.


  • Once you click on it, you will be directed to Azure portal.

Step 4

  • You need to enter the database name, trail subscription and the resource group.

    resource group

  • But you need to configure the Server details separately. It is explained in the next step.

Step 5

  • This time, you will be asked to give the Server name. Enter the name you need.
  • The next one is a user name. Enter a user name, which is unique.
  • Next you need to enter password. Don’t forget the details which you will give at this step.
  • Now click select and then create.
  • Here you are. You have now created a SQL database and a SQL Server in the Azure portal.

    Azure portal

Step 6

  • Now, you will get the newly created database.
  • Select the newly created database and then the user name will be auto filled in the required fields.
  • For the password field, you have to enter the password which you gave during the database creation.
  • Click connect button.


Final Step

  • Once you click connect button, you will be asked for a security option.
  • Click OK button so that the IP of your device will help in the security process.


You can now write the queries for the newly created database and use this database for all your needs in Azure. There are alternative ways also to create a database. I will discuss them in the forthcoming articles.

New database visual and query page is given below:

New database

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