Creating An Azure Virtual WAN


Azure Virtual WAN is a managed networking service that integrates networking, connectivity, security, monitoring, and routing features. Azure Virtual WAN is supported ExpressRoute, Point-to-Site VPN, Site-to-Site VPN, and VNet-to-VNet. In this article, we are going to learn how to configure Azure Virtual WAN.

Step 1

In the Azure portal, type Virtual WAN into the search box and select Virtual WANs.

Step 2

On the Virtual WAN page, select + Create.

Step 3

On the Create WAN page, on the Basics tab, fill in the following fields,

  • Select the Subscription.
  • Select the Resource group.
  • Select the Resource group location.
  • Enter the Name for the Virtual WAN
  • Type (Virtual WAN SKU): Standard
Virtual WAN type Available Configurations
Basic Site-to-site VPN only
Standard ExpressRoute
User VPN (P2S)
VPN (site-to-site)

When you have finished filling out the fields, select Review +Create.

Creating an Azure Virtual WAN

Step 4

After creating the Virtual WAN, Select the Hubs under Connectivity, and click + New Hub.

Step 5

On the Create virtual hub page Basics tab, complete the following fields, and Select Next: Site-to-site.

  • Select the Virtual WAN Region.
  • Name of the Virtual Hub.
  • Assign the Hub private address space.

Creating an Azure Virtual WAN

Step 6

On the Site-to-site tab, complete the following fields,

  • Do you want to create a Site to site (VPN gateway)?: Yes
  • The AS Number field cannot be edited.
  • Gateway scale units: 1 scale unit = 500 Mbps
  • Routing preference: Microsoft network

If you have to configure Point-to-Point and ExpressRoute, you can choose; Yes, I'm choosing Site-to-Site Connection only in this demo.

Creating an Azure Virtual WAN

Step 7

Now we can verify that our Hub is created.

Creating an Azure Virtual WAN


In this article, we have learned how to create the Azure Virtual WAN; in our next article, we will learn how to connect VPN connections to the Virtual WAN.

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