Creating Our First UWP Application


In this article, we are going to see how to create our first UWP app using Visual Studio. We have different types of Windows systems where the dimensions of the screen may vary as per the requirement. Developing apps at different screen resolutions will be simple and feasible to create an application using Universal Windows Platform. App development in UWP can be done in various ways ranging from C# language, using XAML coding, and the ultimate drag and drop method. 


  • Visual Studio 2017 version
  • Computer (window 10) 

Step to follow -

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2017.


Step 2

Go to File >> New >> Project.


Step 3

You can see a list of applications which can be developed using Visual Studio. In that, go to C# and click Blank App. Fill in the app name and click OK.



Step 4

If the following message displays, then change the mode of the system to developer mode.


Step 5

Go to Settings and search for developer mode.


Turn on the developer mode.


Now, the designer page will open.


Step 6

In Solution Explorer, we can see Min page.xaml. If we click it, we will see the designer page. If we click the MainPage.cs, it will take us to the XAML coding page.


Step 7

Open the toolbox, drag and drop the text block, and write the text in it. 


Step 8

Click the local machine and the app will be deployed.


Step 9

On the Visual Studio application. The memory usage and the deployment status will be displayed. This will be useful when we deploy a bigger application.



In this article, we learned how to create our first UWP application using Visual Studio. Further, this app can be modified to create bigger applications.

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