Deploying Azure ExpressRoute Circuit

An Azure ExpressRoute allows for a private connection between the On-premises network and the Microsoft Azure cloud. The Connection to Microsoft services can be through the universal network or a point-to-point Ethernet connection via a network connectivity provider to the data center.

Requirements for Using Azure ExpressRoute

  • If we choose our Port type as Provider, we need to select the Provider Name, Peering location, and the Bandwidth.
  • If we choose our Port type as Direct, we must select the ExpressRoute Direct resource.

In this article, we will learn how to connect our ExpressRoute Circuit to ExpressRoute Direct.

Step 1

From the Microsoft Azure portal, click Create a Resource and search ExpressRoute and select Create.

Step 2

On the Basics page, enter the Name for the ExpressRoute, and click next for the Configuration.

Step 3

On the Configuration page, enter the below details.

Select the Port type as Direct.

Enter the ExpressRoute Direct Name we created in our previous article; for more details, click here.

Select the Circuit Bandwidth for our ExpressRoute Direct Bandwidth.

Select SKU as Standard.

Select the Billing as Metered,

Click Create.

Step 4

The ExpressRoute status is provisioned, and we need to create the Connection.

Step 5

On the ExpressRoute circuit, select the connections under the settings and click +Add.

Step 6

On the Basic page, select the Connection type as ExpressRoute, enter the Name for the Connection and click Next for the Configuration.

Step 7

Select the Virtual network gateway, and we have already created a Virtual Network Gateway for ExpressRoute, so select that Virtual network gateway, select the ExpressRoute circuit, and click create.

Step 8

Now the connection status is Succussed.


In this article, we learned how to deploy the ExpressRoute circuit and connect our ExpressRoute circuit to ExpressRoute Direct.

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