Document Management with SharePoint Embedded Containers

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in SharePoint that makes managing documents within custom applications much easier. This feature, called Embedded Containers Management, allows administrators to use Microsoft 365's robust storage capabilities directly within their apps. Here’s a simple guide to understanding and using this new feature.

What Are Embedded Containers?

Embedded containers are storage spaces within SharePoint that hold documents and files used by custom applications. Think of them as special folders that your apps can use to store important documents securely.

Key Benefits of Embedded Containers Management

1. Easy Centralized Management

  • Control from One Place: Administrators can manage all these special folders directly from the SharePoint admin center. This means you don’t need to jump between different tools to manage your documents.
  • User Permissions: Admins can decide who gets access to which documents. This ensures that only the right people can view or edit sensitive files.

2. Document Handling Made Simple:

  • Soft-Delete and Restore: If a document is deleted by mistake, it can be easily restored. This feature acts like a recycle bin for your important files.
  • Permanent Deletion: When you need to permanently delete a document, you can do so directly from the admin center.

3. Better Collaboration

  • Custom App Integration: Developers can integrate these storage spaces into their custom applications. This means users can access and manage documents without leaving their app, making collaboration smoother.

How to Use Embedded Containers

Getting started with Embedded Containers Management is straightforward:

  1. Access the SharePoint Admin Center: From your Microsoft 365 dashboard, go to the SharePoint admin center.
  2. Manage Containers: In the admin center, look for the Embedded Containers section. Here, you can view, manage permissions, and perform actions like soft-deleting or restoring documents

Real-World Example

Imagine you have a custom application for managing projects. Each project generates a lot of documents like contracts, reports, and invoices. With Embedded Containers, all these documents can be stored within the app. Admins can control who has access to specific documents, ensuring data security and efficiency.


The Embedded Containers Management feature in SharePoint simplifies document management within custom applications. It provides centralized control, easy document handling, and seamless integration, making it a powerful tool for improving productivity and collaboration.

For more detailed information, you can check out the official Microsoft announcements:

SharePoint Article

By utilizing these new capabilities, you can ensure that your document management practices are efficient, secure, and well-integrated with your custom applications.