Error 404 : Web App Not Found - Azure Web App

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What you’ll learn:

Resolving "Error 404 : Web App Not Found" for Azure Web App.

Steps for resolving the error

When you try to hit the URL of your Web App, you may end up getting this message :

"The web app you have attempted to reach is not available in this Microsoft Azure App Service region". This could be due to one of several reasons,

  1. The Web App owner has registered a custom domain to point to the Microsoft Azure App Service, but has not yet configured Azure to recognize it.

  2. The Web App owner has moved the Web App to a different region, but the DNS cache is still directing to the old IP Address that was used in the previous region.


There are two possible solutions to resolve this error,

  1. First scenario

    If you, as an app owner, are using a custom domain with an Azure Web App, then Azure needs to be configured for recognizing the custom domain name, so that it can route the request to the appropriate server in the region.

    After registering the domain with a domain provider and configuring a DNS CNAME record to point to the app's address (for example,, the web app owner also needs to go to the Azure Portal and configure the app for the new domain.

  2. Second scenario

    The Web App is stored in a data center located in the region that the Web App owner has selected while creating the app. Azure's DNS server resolves the Web App address that was chosen for it to that data center.

    DNS servers are in charge of resolving the name of the server that the user is trying to reach into an IP address, but clients cache this information in order to be able to load the page as fast as possible. If this app was deleted and re-created in another region, the new app will have a different IP address, but the client might still be caching the old IP address.

To resolve this issue, first, try clearing the cache on your client, by following these steps,

  1. Open command prompt


    Performing this task does not require you to have administrative credentials. Therefore, as a security best practice, consider performing this task as a user without administrative credentials.

  2. In the command prompt console, type,

    ipconfig /flushdns

  3. Press Enter.


    command prompt

  4. Try to visit the App again, in approximately one hour. Your App should start working now.




    Also make sure that your App does not return a redirection from to does not exist because Azure Web Apps never have "www." in front of their default host names.