Git GUI Clients (3-1), GitHub Server

This is a series of articles related to Git GUI Clients.

Note. Although Git is very popular in the software development process, there is no category defined in this C # Corner site. So, we put the articles under the DevOps category.

A - Introduction

This is a series of articles related to Git GUI Clients. However, asspcoated with GitHub GUI Client, the Desktop, in this article, we will describe the GitHub server briefly with its major functionalities.

  • A: Introduction
  • B: GitHub Server Major Functionalities

B - GitHub Server Major Functionalities

GitHub Home Page:

After login, we will see the GitHub Home Page, on the left Panel, showing: Repository Panel:

Click on the right top corner: the disk sign => Your Repositories:

Showing the Repositories Page => Click one Repository:

Showing the repository page:

Click Branch sign on the left panel to show the droplown list of Branches:

Click either View all branches button at the bottom or the Branches sign on the top to open Branches Page:

Create a New Branch:

From the Repository Page => Click Code button => Open the repository by different method and different tool: 

Click Pull Requests Tab on the top menu bar:

Click New Pull Request button to open a New Pull Request:

Click an existing Pull Request to access the page:

Click Actions Tab on the top menu bar => Get Started with GitHub Action


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