How To Become A Successful .NET Developer

This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we select .NET as a programming language for our career. And yes, it is very important to know what are the prerequisites to become a successful .NET developer. At this time, the technology is very advanced and new technologies are coming to the market every day. So, it becomes more important to get  full stack knowledge about the skills in which you want to start your career.

Most people start working in technology without knowing the basics, and that’s why we always feel not confident about that technology.

Anyway, about this article, I would like to describe here how you can become a successful .NET developer. Before starting about the skills you require for .NET, I want to explain a few things that you have to follow and work on them to become a good .NET developer.

The first thing is that, it's a lifetime task! You only get good at anything through experience, hard work, and learning relevant information.

The other thing is that programming is about logic, analysis, solving problems, and finding the optimal solutions of problems. Problem solving is directly proportional to your logical and analytical skills. If you have these two skills, you are almost qualified to become a successful developer.

Things that you have to do to enhance your skills in .NET

  • Choose a .NET topic
  • Read about the details on websites ( like MSDN, C# Corner, YouTube)
  • Solve online questions for the selected topic
  • Explore how to Implement the selected topic
  • Create your own demo project
  • Create a basic project and try to execute your topic in it.
  • If execution was successful try to implement it in your real project if possible.
  • When you feel comfortable in the selected topic then move to next topic

Do it until you finish off all the topics of .NET. Now, we will talk about the skills you require to become a .NET developer.

There are many skills you require to become a successful .NET developer. As the technology is growing day by day, we have divided the skills in two parts.

Essentials skills

  • .NET Basics
  • C#
  • NET
  • SQL Server
  • WCF
  • Visual Studio
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CSS

Good to have skills

  • Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • LINQ
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS

Now, just start working with selected topics and make sure to finish what you start.