How To Change Subscription Name Of An Azure Account

In my previous articles, listed below, we learned, how to create Azure accounts as well as new subscriptions,

Click the account name in the top right hand corner in Azure portal.


In the popup menu, clicking  the “View my bill” in the screenshot, shown above, will take you to the Account management page, as shown below:

View my bill

In the screenshot, shown above, clicking the "Account Center” link, will take you to the following page.

Account Center

The screenshot, shown above, lists all the subscriptions available in the account.

The name “Free Trial” was the default name, assigned by Azure. Obviously, the default name doesn’t make much sense in most of the cases. Let’s see the process of changing the name.

Click the “Subscription name” in the subscription list and it will take you to the subscription details page, as shown below.


In the right hand side, scroll down a bit to see the following links:


Click “Edit Subscription details”, which will open the following popup, where you can provide a new name in the “subscription Name” field as shown below:

Edit Subscription details

Once you are done, click on the right Mark in the screenshot, shown above. Below is the screenshot, which displays the updated name of the subscription.

updated name

That’s it, you have successfully changed the name of the subscription. Please provide your feedback in the comment section.

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