How to Create Active Directory Domain Services


In this article, we going to create Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) In the server operating system as an easy method. Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) is a server role in Active Directory that manages users and computers. It also allows system administrators to organize data into logical hierarchies. AD DS is the foundation of every Windows domain network.

Before that, we need to start to set the IP address for our Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) server.

Step 1. On your server, click local server and then click IPv4 address assigned.

Local Server

Step 2. Right-click on ethernet and click properties.


Step 3. Select TCP/IPv4, then click properties.

TCP/IPv4 then click properties

Step 4. Select “use the following IP” and set the IP, then click ok. After that, close the IP assigning setup.

Use the following IP

Step 5. Go to your dashboard and click Add Roles and Features.


Step 6. Click next.

Remove roles and features Wizard

Step 7. Select role-based and click next.

Installation type

Step 8. Verify your IP address appears on your server, then click next.

Select destination server

Step 9. Select active directory domain services.

Select server role

Step 10. Click add features and next.

Add roles and features Wizard

Step 11. Click next.

.Net Framework 3.5 features

Step 12. Click next.

Active directory domain services

Step 13. Click “restart the destination server” After that, you get a message: click “yes” and click install.

Confirm installation selections

Step 14. Click “promote this server to a domain controller”.

Installation progress

Step 15. Select “add a new forest” and after that, give a root domain name for your server and click next.

Development configuration

Step 16. Give DSRM password. After that, click next.

Domain controller options

Step 17. Click next.

DNS Options

Step 18. Your given server’s domain automatically appears in “NETBIOS” After that, click next.


Step 19. Click next.


Step 20. Click next.

Review Options

Step 21. Click install. After installing, your server will automatically restart.

Prerequisites check

Step 22. After restarting the login, the server, and come to your server manager, click local server. After that, your domain name automatically appears under Domain opinion.

Local server domain


In this article, we all clearly understand how to create an active directory service in a proper method. If there is clarification regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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