How To Create Your First SQL Database In Azure Platform


In this article, we will discuss Azure SQL Database and the process of creating our first SQL Database on Azure platform.


A Microsoft Azure subscription for a hands-on lab.

What is Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL database can be defined as the Database-as-a-Service offered by Microsoft on Microsoft Azure. By Database-as-a-Service, it means that Microsoft as the service provider will manage the database software, and will take care of database backup, recovery, high availability, and Operating System. Windows Azure SQL database is the renamed version of SQL Azure. We, as users only, need to take care of the database and the queries running inside the database. Also, we need to pay as per our current database uses but nothing is to be paid upfront. Also, we can scale up or scale down or create or destroy the environment as per our requirement without any interference from the provider Microsoft.


Pricing of Azure SQL database is calculated on an hourly basis and it depends upon which Service tier we have used. The hourly rate is determined on the basis of highest service tier we used in that hour.

Follow the below steps to create an Azure SQL Database.

Step 1

Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure portal.

Step 2

Here, we have to choose the SQL database option.


Step 3

After opening the SQL database creation options, click "Create SQL database".


Step 4

In the "Create SQL database" blade, enter a name for your database.


Step 5

  • The first time we create a SQL database, we need to create a new server.
  • This is the event that will start our SQL database server. 
  • Now, click "Configure required settings". Opens the configuration options.
  • We will fill the new Server name, Server Admin login, password, and location.


Finally, click the "Create" option for the configuration setting.

Step 6

Next is pricing tier option.


Step 7

Azure provides three service tiers for setting up the SQL Database. These 3 Service Tiers are:

  • Basic Service Tier
  • Standard Service Tier
  • Premium Service Tier

After clicking the pricing tier option, it shows the same pricing offers. Here, we need to choose the basic plan which offers 2GB.


Finally, we will click the Apply button.

Step 8

Now, select the "Pin to dashboard" option. And also, select the "Create" button for creating the SQL database.


Step 9

It will show the deploying process for the SQL database.


Step 10

After completing the deployment process, it will show the Azure SQL database overview. And it will automatically create the Resource Group.


Here, we can see the Server name of the SQL database.

Step 11

Finally , let us create our first SQL database in Microsoft Azure.


It shows the full information of created Azure SQL database,  like SQL database name, Status, location, price and etc.


This is how we create SQL Database in Microsoft Azure portal.

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