How to Remove Azure Backup Services?

In this article, we are going to learn how to remove the Azure Backup manually.

If you want to remove the Azure Backup services, you have to remove the below requirements manually. If you don’t have some other options, you may ignore that part.

  • Change Vault properties (Disable Soft Delete and Security features)
  • Stop Backup and Delete Cloud Protected Items (Backup items)
  • Cleanup associations of Servers and Storage Accounts (Servers and Storage accounts & Go to Backup Infrastructure)
  • Disable Replication for Site Recovery Replicated Items (Site Recovery Items)
  • Clean up dependencies related to your Site Recovery Replicated Items (Replication Policies, Servers)
  • Remove Private Endpoint Connections

Step 1. Change Vault properties.

Open the Recovery Service vault, Click Properties under Settings, Open the Security Settings, uncheck the Enable Soft Delete for cloud workloads & Enable Soft Delete and Security features, and then click Update.

Security and soft delete settings

Step 2. Stop Backup and Delete Cloud-Protected Items

Go to Backup items under the Protected items. There are two Backup items that are currently running.

Backup items

Step 3. Delete backup data

In the Backup items, click the Azure Virtual Machine, click the three dots on the right, and click Delete backup date.

Azure virtual machine

Step 4. Delete backup item

Enter the Backup item name, choose the reason, and click Delete.

Delete backup

Step 5. Removing Backup Items (Azure Backup Agent)

In the Backup items, click the Azure Backup Agent, and click View details.

Azure backup agent

Step 6. Click on the computer name

In the Backup item, there is one server running. Click on the Computer name.

Computer name

Step 7. Click Delete.


Step 8. Select the Check box

Enter the Server name, choose the reason, enter the comment, select the check box, and finally click Delete.

Check box and delete

Step 9. Refresh the backup items

After completing the removal, Refresh the Backup items; there are no backup items running.

backup items

Step 10. In the Overview, click Delete


Step 11. Select the checkbox and confirm

Select Delete Manually, select the checkbox (I confirm that) and click Yes.

select the check box and confirm

We have successfully removed the Azure backup service.


In this article, we learned how to remove the Recovery service in Azure. If you have any questions, feel free to comment under the article.

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