Introduction To Amazon Lightsail ✨


Amazon Web Services is one of the largest cloud computing companies in the world. They provide  many services, and one of these services is called “Lightsail”. Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud platform in AWS which offers  everything needed to build applications or websites in cost-effective monthly plans.
Amazon Lightsail
The Lightsail plan comes with static ip address, initiative management console, DNS Management, one-click SSH terminal access for (Linux/Unix), one-click RDP access for (Windows), Powerful API, highly available SSD Storage, Server Monitoring, and more. 
By reading this article, you will learn about the AWS Lightsail cloud platform and the benefits. 

Lightsail's Most Common Use-Cases

Simple Web Applications
Easily deploy a web application with a few clicks. Lightsail contains pre-configured development stacks like LAMP, MEAN and Node.js.
In Lightsail, you can easily create a website that shines. Now creating and customizing your blog, E-commerce or personal websites with lightsail pre-configured applications like Wordpress, Magento, Plesk and Joomla is simple.
Business Softwares
You can easily run your open source and commercial software for business from Lightsail. It helps you quickly launch your line-of business software like file storage and sharing backups, financial and accounting software.
Dev/test Environment
The developer or tester can easily test the environment within seconds. Creating the dev sandboxes and test environments outside of your production environment lets you test without the concern of breaking something. 

Highlighted Features of Lightsail

  • Lightsail Virtual Servers
  • Simplified Load Balancing
  • Managed Databases
  • Easy Upgrade to EC2
  • Access to AWS services
Lightsail Virtual Servers
Lightsail offers virtual servers (Instances) that are easy to set up and which are backed by pthe ower and reliability of AWS. So you can easily launch your website, web application or project within minutes.
Simplified Load Balancing
Lightsail has simplified load balancing routes for traffic across your instances. This means that your website and applications can accommodate variations in traffic, be better protected from outages and deliver a seamless experience to your visitors.
Additionally, Lightsail load balancers include integrated certificate management, and provide free SSL/TLS certificates that can be provisioned and added to load balancers in a few clicks. All of these certificates are managed from the Lightsail console.
Managed Databases
The Lightsail platforms are fully configured MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. Lightsail databases are easily scalable and independent of virtual servers. You can improve application availability or run standalone databases in the cloud.
All lightsail managed database plans are bundles with memory, processing, storage and transfer allowance.
Easily Upgrade to EC2
Your cloud ideas are always expanding, you can easily move to EC2 with a simple guide experience. The upgrade is very easy -- just take a snapshot and follow some steps in the Lightsail console to export the snapshot to EC2.
Access to AWS Services
Amazon Lightsail focuses on instances, managed databases and load balancers to make websites and applications.  You are integrating your lightsail project with more than 90 services in AWS through VPC peering.


AWS Lightsail cloud platform has many benefits, and is just one of the services included in Amazon Web Services.