Learn Flutter In 15 Days - Day One


In this article, we will learn what is flutter and its features, how to install flutter in our android studio, and how we can create our first flutter project in Android Studio.

What is flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit (SDK). It was developed by Google in May 2017. Flutter application runs cross-platform (android, ios, desktop, web, etc) using a single code base so we don't need to write different code for the different operating systems. Since the flutter applications run on multiple platforms using a single code so this saves our time, effort, cost, etc. Flutter uses dart programming language. The dart programming language is easy to learn and syntax-wise, it is similar to c, c++, java, etc.

Features of flutter

Some of the flutter features are as follows,

  1. Cross-Platform Development
    Flutter application runs on multiple platforms such as android, ios, web, etc using a single code base. This feature saves our time, effort, money, etc.
  2. Open-Source
    Flutter is open-source so it is free. Anyone can use flutter without paying any money.
  3. Hot reload
    This is a very useful feature in a flutter. Any code changes reflect instantly on UI without running the application. Using this feature, minor bugs can be fixed quickly.
  4. Widget
    Flutter has a rich set of widgets. The widget can be a text, textfield, menu, color, etc. we can create a beautiful UI by using a Widget.

Advantages of Flutter

Some of the flutter advantages are as follows,

  1. Fast Development
    Flutter application can be built quickly because we have to write only a single code base and this code runs on multiple platforms. With the hot reload feature, changes are reflected instantly on UI. 
  2. Large community support
    Flutter is developed by Google. Google consistently supports Flutter developers with frequent updates and issue fixes.
  3. Beautiful UI
    Flutter has a rich set of widgets. We can make a beautiful user interface using widgets.  

How to install Flutter in Android Studio

Step 1

Install Flutter SDK using this link -> https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install

1) Select your operating system


2) I am selecting Linux because I have a Linux system but you have to choose based on your operating system. Then open your terminal and paste the below first command and press enter. After a few minutes, flutter SDK is installed in your system.


3) Please make sure to run the doctor command before moving ahead. This command tells us if our setup is complete or not.

Step 2

Install Flutter and Dart plugins in Android Studio.

1) Go to the following path 

 Open Android Studio->Go to Settings->Plugins and install Flutter and Dart plugins.


2) Restart android studio 

How to create a Flutter project in Android Studio

Step 1

Open Android Studio and click on the New Flutter Project button.


Step 2

Select Flutter and click on the Next button

Step 3

Edit your project name, android language, iOS language, and platforms, and click on the finish button.


Step 4

Press the run button and launch the application. The first time it will take maybe 2-4 minutes.



In this article, we have seen what is flutter and its features and advantages. Also, we have seen how to install flutter in android studio. Thanks for reading and hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or queries on this article, please share your thoughts. you can read my other articles by clicking here.

Happy learning, friends!

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