In every organization, data is growing to thousands of records every day. It's always a challenge to fetch required data from such huge database. In SharePoint on-premise versions, there is a limit on listview of 5000 items. If you want to see items beyond that, you need to increase the limit from the administration. Even if you are fetching data from SQL database, it fetches the first 2000 items only.

So, by keeping default limits, how to get required data? Yes, we can do that. Use filters, create views with filters and sort functions. In PowerApps, we will see how to use ShowColumns, Sort and Filter functions to optimize our data fetch operations.

Learning PowerApps Part 6 - Optimize Data Fetch Operations
Sep 19 2019

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article, we will see how to optimize data fetch operations in PowerApps. We will be using the Sort, Filter, SortByColumns, ShowColumns functions. This will improve the performance of PowerApps.