Make Time, Stop For A Moment, And Think More Clearly

From psychology, this can help you to be more productive.


Since I was very young, I have been reading psychology books, fine if I did not understand much then, but when I grew up, I continued to read more content about it. My main goal was to understand IT users and how the brain processes information for the purpose of creating more intuitive and productive software.
As an IT professional, I suffered from anxiety, from many causes, that led to social phobia. Over time, patiently and continuously reading about these problems and for some time, with the help of a therapist, I succeeded to overcome this phobia.

My Contribution

I am sharing here a technology I have learned to make you almost stop it and move on to thinking more clearly in the times when you have a great puzzle to build or need a quick fix.
First, let me tell you a bit about how the brain works. What is the fuel the brain uses? It is oxygen.
When your brain is well oxygenated, you think better. When you are working hard to find a solution or wait for the compiler to say "0 errors" you may not be breathing properly, with short breath oxygen is not enough for the brain to function fully. This is a desktop, look at the pic below.

The Secret

From time to time, look at the clock, the second pointer, is it running fast or slow?
If you are running fast, you are not oxygenating your brain well. In this case, you should breathe deeply until the pointer moves more slowly until it appears almost stopped.
You can even use this technique to observe yourself to know if you have any type of anxiety.
Breathe calmly and deeply until the second hand seems almost to stop.

How To Use

If you do not have a wall near your vision, as was my case, you can get a watch with pedestal pointers or one that you can look at without trying. NO, it cannot be digital. Use a watch with analog, old-fashioned hands.




Acquiring knowledge is the most important thing you should do in life. If you have the knowledge you can solve your problems more easily.
Breathe and stay calm, this makes you smarter and more productive.
Thank you for reading this article.

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