Outlook (1) - Something Went Wrong 2400 In outlook

I spent a whole day struggling with Microsoft Outlook --- I got an error that had never happened before, so I have this article (1). The second article is a derivative of the first one.

A - Introduction

This is a Microsoft Desktop Outlook troubleshooting issue. Although the issue is scarce, I met it once in 20 years, but it is quite hot online, and there is no good solution. So, I will share what I got; even though I did not thoroughly fix the issue, I made the outlook work.

Contents of the article:

  • A - Introduction
  • B - Problem
  • C - Debugging
    • C - 1: Create an Outlook Profile
    • C - 2: Switch to Another Outlook Profile

B - Problem

I have used Microsoft Outlook for over 20 years; this is my home account. I registered several accounts in my desktop Outlook app, which is running just good always. But, suddenly, for no reason, when I reopened Outlook from one of my Laptops, I got the error below:

C - Debugging 

Debugging 1: online info

We tried to get any possible solutions online. However, the solutions either

Debugging 2: --- Remove and readd

I tried to remove the emails from Outlook one by one (total 6) and then readd them back one by one, but the problem was not gone; it created some other multiple errors.

Debugging 3: --- Create a new profile for Outlook

This way worked, but the process was still quite complex. In the beginning, I made one new profile and tried adding the 6 emails individually. However, I still could not figure out where the problem really was because when I added some emails in and got an error message, but in fact, the error was not caused by this email but by others.

Finally, what I did, I made 6 different new profiles, and for each profile, I added one email in. In this way, I got the problem email. To get rid of this problem email, I added another 5 emails in one profile; the problem is gone.  


I got the problem email; by eliminating it, the other 5 emails added to one profile are working well.

For the problem email, I cannot figure out the solution. But, although I cannot open that email with desktop Outlook, I can open it online through outloo.com. This solution is quite enough for me because that email is not a frequently used one.

Below, I will show

  • How to create an outlook profile method, and
  • How to switch Outlook between profiles.

C -1: Create an Outlook Profile [ref]

We create a new profile first.

Open Desktop Outlook => File => Account Settings

In Account Settings window => Manage Profiles:

In Mail setup Window => Show Profiles:

In Mail window => Add:

In the New Profile window => OK:

In Add Account window => Fill in info => Next

In Add Account window => Finish

In the Mail window, you see the new profile: outlook_new.

C - 2: Switch to Another Outlook Profile [ref]

Now we switch the current profile to the newly created profile

Open Dest top Outlook => File => Account Settings

In the Account Settings window => Change Profiles:

OK to restart Outlook:

You will see Choose Profile window: => Choose outlook_new => OK

Now, you switch to the new profile.


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