How To Create Azure Search Service - Part One

In this article, I’ll explain to you how to create Azure Search Service, using the Azure portal.

STEP 1 - Select Azure Search

Go to Azure Portal -> Create a resource -> Web-> Azure Search.

Create Azure Search Service

The following screen with "New Search Service" opens.

Create Azure Search Service

STEP 2 - Enter Service name

The service name must be unique and the name must contain the following required letters as shown -

Service name must only contain lowercase letters, digits or dashes; cannot use dash as the first two or last character; cannot contain consecutive dashes; and is limited between 2 and 60 characters in length. 

Create Azure Search Service

I used the Service name as – stestsearchsearvice

 Create Azure Search Service
STEP 3 – Select Subscription

Select the one you have or the Free subscription.

 Create Azure Search Service

STEP 4 – Create / Select Resource Group

Resource Group – use existing OR Create a new one. I used an existing one.

 Create Azure Search Service

STEP 5 – Select Location

Location – select the location as you prefer.
Create Azure Search Service

Create Azure Search Service

STEP 6 – Select Pricing Tier

There are six Pricing tiers in Azure Search service.
  1. Free(F) – no scaling
  2. Basic(B) – Load balancing up to 3 replicas, No Partitions
  3. Standard(S) – up to 12 partitions
  4. Standard(S2)
  5. Standard(S3)
  6. High-Density(S3) – high density enabled
Consider the figure to see the differences among all tiers. If you want to prepare for Azure certification 70-532 then one must know the pricing tier features as stated above that,
  • Free pricing tier has no scaling.
  • Scaling starts from Basic tier onwards.
  • FREE and BASIC tiers have no partitions. Partition starts with Standard(S) Pricing Tier onwards
  • High density is available only in the S3 Pricing tier as name specified.

    Create Azure Search Service

    I selected the basic tier and clicked on Create.

     Create Azure Search Service

    There we go -- bingo!!! Search service is created successfully, as shown on the dashboard. Click on ‘stestsearchservice’.

    Create Azure Search Service
Here we can see search service overview on the right hand side. The Search Service contains,
  • Settings, monitoring and support sections
  • Each section contains subsections and by selecting the one you can see the details on RHS.
We can see there is no index added on the search service, no indexers and no data sources linked.

 Create Azure Search Service


So in this article, we saw search service creation on the Azure portal with basic pricing tier and we saw differences among various tiers. In my next article, I’ll show you how to add indexes and creating indexers on Search service.

Happy reading.