In PowerApps, you might have come across a scenario where you need to perform many actions which can be done in parallel. Doing multiple actions in parallel will save the time and improve performance of your app. So, how you can tell your app to perform a particular set of actions in parallel? The answer is - using Concurrent function. In this video, we will see the details of how to use Concurrent function.
We will also have a look at how to use the Split function in PowerApps to extract particular indexed value from string or collection and how to show loading gif when you are navigating from one screen to another. Then, we will learn to update the Choice column using Patch function in PowerApps. The following video tutorial covers it all.

Learning PowerApps - Part 1 - Concurrent, Split, Patch Functions and Show Loader
Aug 29 2019

Sarvesh Shinde

In this video article, we will see how to use Concurrent, Split, Patch functions in PowerApps. Then, we will learn how to show formatted currency value in PowerApps and how to show loader on the screen while navigating.