Project Management And ARCOS PAM


Nowadays, data is very essential for corporations. Especially, financial domain companies and banking sector domain are very alert and careful with their data and have been using various systems to protect and prevent the same from the data theft crisis.
In such sectors, it is necessary to keep eye on vendors, teams and other stakeholders to protect the data. It really helps in project management as well. You might be thinking, what’s going on? I am talking about securing the data and how it helps in Project Management.
I have come across a solution named as ARCON. ARCON is formerly known as ARCOS. The official website is here.
Project Management and ARCOS PAM

What is PAM?

PAM is Privileged Access Management which is used to a practice of managing, monitoring and controlling activities of super admins.

Key Features of ARCOS PAM

  1. SSO (Single Sign-On)
  2. Session Monitoring
  3. Password Vaulting
  4. One Admin Control
  5. Virtual Grouping
  6. User Onboarding
  7. Authorization
  8. Multi-factor Authentication
  9. Auto Discovery
  10. PEDM (Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management)
  11. Customized Reporting
  12. Text and Video Logs
  13. Fine-Grained Access Control
  14. Workflow

How to ARCOS is helping in Project Management?

As I mentioned, ARCOS is helping in Project Management but the question is, How? I am going to elaborate on two scenarios which will explain vendor management through ARCOS and team management through ARCOS.
Scenario 1
We have hired a vendor to develop the application development but development resources are working from off-site; i.e. from their company. As usual, they were providing weekly development reports but relying on the vendor for development report is actually a risk for the project because the vendor gets paid for some tasks and development is under the control of the vendor. It’s a hypothetical thing to keep 100% trust in someone in such a situation. 
One of the stakeholders raised a concern about it so asked the team about it. The team came up with a solution of video and text logs. Video and text logs are one of the features of ARCOS PAM. When we dug in the logs, we saw horrible things regarding how our vendor  is trying to fooling us!
We asked questions about unethical and unprofessional activities to the vendor on the basis of the logs and controlled the project. Otherwise, the project would have gone in the dustbin.
Scenario 2
Many teams are working from home. Especially on the holidays!! I don’t understand why more people are not working from home. Many times, people give excuses of unavailability of the internet, the problem with official URLs or websites.
When we asked the team to work on a holiday, the team started giving excuses, saying the official URLs are not working. Immediately, we asked our team to check the logs of ARCOS because no one can access official URLs without logging in into ARCOS in my organization.
The next day, we called a meeting to discuss the unprofessional behavior of the team.


We have seen the usefulness of ARCOS PAM in the organization and how it helps to manage the project.

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