Run App Through Xamarin Live Player


If you don’t know about Xamarin Live Player, then please read this article.

First, follow all the prerequisites and installation steps to install the application on your mobile device. Then, follow the steps given below to test the app.

Now, here we are going to run an application through the Xamarin Live Player. Firstly, we will make a Xamarin application and then run it through Xamarin Live Player.

So, start by making a Xamarin.Forms app.

Go to Visual Studio >> File -> New -> Project.

Xamarin Live Player

Now, select CrossPlaform -> Cross Platform App (Xamarin) -> rename it and click OK.

Xamarin Live Player

Template = Blank App

UI Technology =   Xamarin.Forms

Code Sharing Strategy = Shared Project

In this article, we are going to test a shared project application.

Xamarin Live Player

Select the target and minimum platform versions that your app will support and click OK.

Xamarin Live Player

If you are running the Live Player for the first time, then follow the steps given below.

Running Live Player for the first time

  • Open Visual Studio 2017.
  • Go to Tools > Options > Xamarin > Other > Check Xamarin Live Player (Preview).
  • Now, it is available for use.

    Xamarin Live Player 

Now, select iOS or Android.

Xamarin Live Player

Check Live Player and run the app.

Xamarin Live Player

Here, you will see the window like this.

Xamarin Live Player

Now, open Live Player application on your mobile phone.

Xamarin Live Player

Click on "Pair to Visual Studio".

Xamarin Live Player

Here, you will see that the code is given. You can enter this code in the text box shown on your Visual Studio screen. Or you can scan the QR code through mobile camera.

Xamarin Live Player

After writing the code, click on Connect or scan the QR code to connect automatically. You will see the following results on your mobile screen.

Xamarin Live Player

Now, the Xamarin Live Player is preparing to run your code. After this, you are redirected to the output of your code and then your application starts running on Visual Studio.
Xamarin Live Player
So, this is the output of our code, as shown on Xamarin Live Player.

Advantages of Live Player

  • You can test both, Android and iOS apps from Live Player.
  • Time saver: Now, iOS testing from Windows PC is not a hectic task.
  • No Mac is needed for testing.


Xamarin Live Player is in its initial stage and only one version is available so far. So, there is a possibility that you can face some problems using the Player. Don’t be angry but just report the issue on Xamarin forum so that your problem can be solved in future updates.

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