Setting Up Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 With UWP Tools And Azure SDK Virtual Machine In Azure Portal


  • Azure account.

Now, let's get started with the steps, given below-

Create a new virtual machine

Step 1- Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2- In the Jump bar, click New, type Visual Studio in the Marketplace, click Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with UWP Tools and Azure SDK.

Step 3- Read the legal terms and click create button.

Configure your virtual machine

Step 4-
 In the Virtual Machine account blade, specify the desired configuration for the VM account (Name, User Name, Password & Resource Group). Click Create button at the bottom of the screen to create the Virtual Machine.

Step 5- Choose your VM Size and click select button.


Step 6- In the Virtual Machine Setting blade, if needed specify the desired configuration, else click OK button.

Step 7- We get summary of our virtual machine and click OK button.

After a few minutes, your virtual machine will be configured on the dashboard.

Connect to our new virtual machine

Step 8-
 Once the virtual machine is running, simply select it and click connect button.


Step 9- Next, enter the username and password.

Finally, we will be connected through remote desktop directly into your new virtual machine, running Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with UWP Tools and Azure SDK, we selected.


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