Setting Users And Permissions On SharePoint Site


This article will help you set Users and Permissions where you can customize with People and Groups, Site Permissions, Site Collection Administrators, and Site app permissions for the site which you have created in SharePoint, using Office 365.


Here, I will be working with the existing site that I have created with SharePoint on Office 365. So, go to my previous article to understand what is SharePoint, creating a site collection, and customizing your site collection with new pages and content.


Follow the below steps now,

Step 1: Go to the Site Settings of the site page that you have created.

Site Settings

Here, we will be working with the module of Users and Permissions.

  • Site Collection Administrators: Add or remove users from the Site Collection Administrators group which allows members full control over all sites in this Site Collection.
  • Site app permissions: Manage app access to content in this site.

    Site Settings

Step 2: Click on People and Groups under Users and Permissions.

People and Groups – Specify users and user groups who have access to this site and any sub-site which inherits permissions.

People and Groups

Click on New and Add Users who can access this site and any sub-site.

New and Add Users

Add the email address of people who can access this site on the pop-up shown now, under Invite people.

Add the email address

Shared with option allows you to show the people for whom you have shared the site.


Step 3: Now, let's work with Site Permissions.

Site Permissions: Define what capabilities each user or user group can perform on this site and all sub-sites inheriting the permissions.

This allows you to Set permission for the Event site with Events Members, Events owners, Events Visitors and Excel Services Viewers. You can also find the permission level for each module, such as Edit, Full Control, Read and View Only.

Set permission

Grant Permission will allow you to invite people again and share permission for the user.

Grant Permission

Follow my next article to work with Site Collection Administrators and Site App Permissions.