Shopping Cart Application in ASP.NET

This application is an online shopping cart written in ASP.NET where users can select items and place an order. I have added the features of login and adding new users if user does not exist. Validations are performed wherever needed like email format validation, zip code etc.

Figure 1.


I have used the SQL Server NorthWind database. The two tables used are:

  1. Products Table
  2. Order Details Table.

I have used two classes.

public class CartRow
public string id;
public string name;
public string price;
public string items;
public class Cart
public System.Collections.ArrayList list = new ArrayList(20);

The two main web-forms are Main.aspx and CheckOut.aspx.

Main.aspx contains a grid showing all items present in the products table along with the price per unit and the quantity per unit.

Fig 1 shows the Main.aspx page, Where user can select items from the products grid(left).As he selects an item it is added to his cart and the item is displayed in the right panel. The total price is displayed in the label above. As the user adds more items to his cart the recalculated price is shown .Upon clicking the clear cart button the cart gets empty.

If the user now wants to finalize the order and presses the CheckOut button he his redirected to the Login.aspx page(Fig 2)

I have set the default username as user for the sample and password is u.

Figure 2.

And finally the user is asked to enter the CreditCardNumber, billing zip code and his email address. It does the client side validations and then confirms the order placed by sending a mail to the user as shown in (Fig 3).

And the order is finalized. For more advanced shopping cart this information plus the item information has to be stored in some database.

Figure 3.