Top 11 Business Ideas For Year 2020

[ This paper highlights the business ideas with high growth potential]
As more and more youngsters are getting inspired by building their own brand, working flexible hours, finding the break-even of retirement routine in the mid-40s and collaborating with like-minded people aggressively, they are becoming more prone to own/becoming part of a start-up. Here are the top 20 business ideas, which with proper expertise and planning can become successful businesses.
Most of these ideas are already a big hit in 2019 but still, there is a tremendous growth potential while exploring new geographies for the target consumer base. So here goes the list of hand-picked list of business ideas with maximum growth potential,

Office space rental / CoWorking Space

If you have a good space within the city centre or could get one on a lease, you can quickly set up coworking space business. The internet-enabled facility is required to have a café with ample privacy and seating space. Cabins and meeting rooms with adequate ergonomic and relaxing furniture. Enough parking space (own or nearby parking facility) or good connectivity by public transport. Adequate lighting is required and good bistro will definitely be a good value-add.

Internet Influencer

If you have a good social presence or have the potential to write and communicate better, this is for you. Influencers are the socially active marketing people who charge from the companies to market their products by giving genuine reviews to the audience as well as to the companies. You can start with the genre of your choice like cars, food, clothes and accessories etc.

Unboxing experts

This business is ever-growing and you can still catch the train. These people are unboxing experts for digital/non-digital goods and while unboxing they emphasise upon all the technical features and qualities of the product and hence again behave like a polished marketing professional.

Online Dropship Store

A dropshipping store requires very little investment and it is about selecting a marketplace like Alibaba/Amazon and posting the selected products from trusted OEMs to your site/blog. This way you can project that you are the local face of the product’s OEM and start receiving orders from the local audience. While the OEMs ship either to your warehouse or to the buyers directly, the basis on your agreement and setup.

Security Services

As more and more people are getting exposed to cybercrimes, there is a growing need of security experts. As a security expert, you need to have technical skills in securing the personal data of your client and assessment skills to assess their threats. Small to medium enterprises cannot hire the security professionals as full-time employee hence it is good to establish a base with these companies and offer different services including CCTV surveillance, access control, live monitoring and cyber threat assessment etc. Possibilities are unlimited and so is the growth potential.

Content Writer

There are a lot of influential bloggers but they do not have ample time to write their blogs themselves. If you are good in research and writing the content about a given topic, you can start offering your services to these influential bloggers.

Handmade Goods

Everyone wants to look special and unique and hence people pick their clothes and accessories. If you have the hobby of creating some bands/buttons/key chains/neck chain etc from leather and other useful stuff, then this ever-growing business is for you.


It is slightly exclusive expertise from the earlier one, where antiques are captured from old stores or markets and are restored for online/offline selling. These crafts are generally displayed as free-entry exhibits with some well-known personalities sharing a few words of praise for your work.

Image Consultant

These days image or self-branding is everything for young dynamic professionals. If you have an eye for picking up best of the accessories, manners and attitude, you can coach people on how to establish themselves as a brand by developing/improving their image. This business demands very less investment but a good amount of time to hone your coaching as well as branding skills.

VR Gaming Arena

If you have a large hall available then you can turn it into a VR enabled gaming zone. You can also add other options like drone racing or robot fighting/racing. These services could be clubbed with robotics classes where students can create their own drones for different use-cases. This is going to be a massive business in the coming years.

3D Printing

3D modelling and printing is taking the realistic miniature projections to another level. You can learn to model and building 3D structures and start with online/offline services to sell 3D miniatures of objects or people.
For any of these business ideas, I could be reached for incubation and mentoring services.
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Naveen Sharma