Top 5 Reasons Windows 10 Is The Best Fit For Your Laptop


Whether you are a developer looking for enhanced productivity, a gamer trying to experience every high-end game available out there, or a general user who likes to enjoy something of everything, the new Windows 10 is the best fit for every kind of PC user. Over the past years, the upgradations of Windows operating systems like 8 and 8.1 did not see much appreciation. Change of any sort has almost backfired for Windows since the launch of 7, one of the most loved operating systems from Microsoft to date. In spite of a cultish following, there is every probability that the new version might take over all its predecessors. The reason is simply the best fit for everyone.
The new version of Windows has a lot to offer to everyone. Here is how it is going to benefit different kinds of users from their own perspective


The biggest news is for the XBOX lovers who now can stream games to any Windows 10 PC. Various other games have also been optimized especially for this version plus you can easily record and share your epic gaming moments with a built-in Game DVR. The app will also allow you to stay connected to the XBOX live community, launch cross-device media player, start party chats, and stream XBOX One game to any Windows 10 PC in your home. What adds icing to the cake is the DirectX12 API that boosts your gaming performance like anything.


What’s in there for developers? Well, a lot! For starters, there is an already built-in package manager OneGet that developers can use inside IDEs to install libraries or frameworks. As much as they would love to find and install third-party applications, this is one package manager that comes included and allows them to install additional software from the PowerShell command line.
Another feature developer gets in this version of the operating system is enhanced productivity. In the Windows 10 technical preview, you can turn on “Enable experimental console feature” and control several other features beyond just “copy and paste”.
One thing with developers is that they need to continually switch between the “Desktop” mode and “Modern Apps” mode. However, switching to any of the modes required shutting down the PC. With Windows 10, you can change the signed-in user, pin Modern Apps to the Start menu and do much more with ever leaving the desktop.

General Users

As a general user, the first thing that you would want to see on your PC is a fast wake-up speed. This part has been greatly covered in the case of Windows 10 that has an incredibly fast wake-from-sleep speed. Other than that, the superheroic Task View allows users to control to accomplish multiple things in a much quicker and intuitive way.
The hero of all features is still the wake-up speed of 2 seconds or less, which is roughly the amount of time it takes to flip open or close the lid.
Windows 10 could still be a not-so-great choice for backward-thinking users because some changes might seem overwhelming. For others who can cope up with it, Windows 10 makes do it better than Windows7 – or even Mac OS X, given the chance.
For a great overall experience, make sure you are using the most optimized antivirus protection system on your PC. Go for firewalls that provide comprehensive protection against existing and emerging malware.
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In this article, we learned about the Top 5 Reasons Windows 10 Is The Best Fit For Your Laptop. 

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