Train And Publish Form Processing AI Model - Power Platform AI Builder Series - Part Three


Welcome to PowerPlatform with AI series. During this entire series, we will talk about one of the most important components of AI Builder which is – “Form Processing”.
You are reading the third part of this article series.
I have divided this entire series into the following parts,
During this article, we will check how we can Train and Publish the Form Processing AI Model. The same article is available in the form of a  vLog.
So, now let’s get started!
  • From AI Builder, select the Modelling section.
  • Select your created AI model.

  • Click on Next.

  • Click on Train.

  • This will open the following pop-up. Once the model is trained, it will show the below message.

  • Click on Go to Details Page.

  • Click on Quick Test.

  • Upload any Rent receipt.

  • It detected all the fields from the form. You can hover and check the values.

  • Click on Start Over.

  • Click on Close.
  • Click on Publish.

  • This will Publish your AI Model.

Now, in the next article, we will use this AI model and develop Power Apps.


This is how we can Train and Publish our AI model.
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Happy Power Apping!!