Usage Of If Function In Power Automate


In Power Automate, at times we must validate values and proceed further if the result result is true. In these scenarios If function is used. As a scenario, the response of the user was taken to show this function behavior.

Step 1

Login to the required Power Apps environment using URL by providing username and password and click on Flows on the left-hand side as shown in the below figure.

Step 2

After Step 1, Click on New Flow and select instant cloud flow and provide the trigger as Manually trigger a flow and click on Create as shown in the below figure.

Step 3

After Step 2, name the flow as If Function and take a parallel branch and add one initialize variable and name it as Set User Response as Yes and provide values.

Name: Set User Response
Type: String
Value: Yes

as shown in the below figure.

Step 4

After Step 3, take compose action and name it as Validate User Response with "Yes" Value using IF Function and provide the input values with the following syntax of if function which returns a specified value based on whether the expression resulted in true or false. if expression evaluates to true.

if(expression: boolean, valueIfTrue: any, valueIfFalse: any)
if(contains(variables('Response'),'Yes'),'Send Reminder Email','Opt Out')

and click on ok / Update as shown in the below figure.

Step 5

After Step 4, now save and test the flow and observe the results when expression evaluates to true, then 'Send Reminder Email’ will be returned as shown in the below figure.


  1. Make sure to save and run the flow whenever you try expressions.
  2. If expression does not evaluate to true, then ‘Opt Out’ will be returned.


In this way, we can check received values with if function in power automate.