Useful Wordpress Plugins


This post features a list of plugins that can be helpful in our development time.

Raffle Press

This plugin is helpful when one wants to enhance the presence of their products on social media. It helps us grow subscribers, social media followers, and website traffic via certain methods.

Push Engage

This Plugin provides services of engaging with users via targeted and personalized push notifications.

Insert Headers and Footers

In our development time, situations arise when in the header and footer we have to do some coding in the header and footer files. So in order to avoid that we can use this plugin, we can easily manage the header and footer area without touching the files.

iThemes Security

This is a free plugin for the security of our site. It scans for any malware or other vulnerabilities the site will have and notifies us and removes them.


As the bio suggests the plugin allows us to publish all the documents in the proper format in which the DOC was created such as Office suits Libre, MS, open office, etc.

Query Monitor

As the name suggests, it traces all the queries fired while the loading of the site and lists out the queries that may seem problematic or takes a long time to execute. Along with it, shows the warnings, notices, critical bugs in our code.

RTL Tester

Sometimes the site has a visitor who prefers reading from right to left and not the other way around so this plugin is helpful. It allows us to switch the options back and forth to enable the RTL and LTR mode for the site.


This is a powerful plugin that allows us to write content in a templating engine called Twig. Many developers prefer Twig templating engines so this plugin fulfills the wish to use Twig in WordPress.

Type Rocket

This plugin looks very interesting as the main service that it provides is MVC code structuring in WordPress.
Visit the page for more details.

RazorPay Payment Gateway

We have seen majorly the payment gateway used are PayPal and Stripe. If we have a site in India then we can go for this plugin as it manages and accepts payments from all the major credit/debit cards.

Delhivery Logistics Courier

If we have an account in the Delhivery then using this plugin we can directly assign the courier number and the tracking id to the order which is purchased. Delhivery provides us unused IDs, once the order is placed the IDs are assigned and the shipment location is selected where the package should be ready, and it will be received by the delivery man.

Product Visibility by User Role for WooCommerce

When we want to hide products on the front end based on the user roles, this plugin provides this facility. We can make the product visible and invisible based on the roles.


In this article, we learned Useful Wordpress Plugins.
I hope this will be useful. Thank you for reading!

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