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Mobile application development is unarguably seizing interest of many developer companies. Designing the user interface on a mobile device can be tricky. In contrast to desktop application development, mobile device has limited display size, small CPU performance and limited ways of user input.

Deliver professional results sooner faster now with Resco MobileForms Toolkit

MobileForms Toolkit is a set of Visual Studio graphical user interface controls. All of them were designed the way, so they perfectly fit a small display of mobile devices. The graphical user interface is intuitive, Windows Mobile standardized and professional looking. Resco MobileForms Toolkit currently contains 11 controls and new controls are being added continuously.

AdvancedList .NET

is a professional ListView like control having many useful features. It may contain several Row templates that are used to display the data contained in rows. This data is displayed within cells that are also part of the row template. The row templates are created during design time (Visual Studio's designer can be used for this as well as external designer application). By using the described row template approach a single vertical scroll bar suffices for the user to be able to see all the information contained in the list. AdvancedList can be used to display images, hyperlinks, text or custom data.

AdvancedTree .NET

This control is designed for displaying data organized in a tree, where each individual node can be expanded or collapsed to reveal or hide the data contained in the subnode. A single vertical scroll bar suffices again to fit all the data on the screen, which makes using the control comfortable. The data is displayed inside the cells contained in the NodeTemplate. The NodeTemplates are first created during design-time. They contain cells which can display text, hyperlinks, images or custom data.

DetailView .NET

is a powerful elegant and time saving data input control. Creating a data input form with DetailView is a snap. Labeled TextBoxes, CheckBoxes, ComboBoxes, DateTimePickers and other data input controls are created and laid out in a single compact environment of DetailView. And if its client area is not large enough to display all the information, you can add new pages to it containing yet another data input controls.

SmartGrid .NET

Do you need to display data from a database in the form of a grid? SmartGrid .NET is just designed for this purpose. One can also use it to edit the data using a CheckBox, TextBox or by providing any UserControl derived object. SmartGrid displays that object over the edited cell and informs the programmer by firing an event that he should provide the data from the edited cell to the UserControl. Once the changes have been made, SmartGrid fires a new event informing a programmer that it is time to save the changes back into its cell.

CompactChart .NET

If you have a collection of data that should be presented to the user in a graphical form, the ChartControl is the right choice. You can display charts like: bar chart, cake chart, filled-region chart, line chart or doughnut chart. CompactChart .NET can also be data bound and support XML serialization and deserialization of its layout.

InkBox .NET

This control is designed for inputting user's signature. The user can draw anything using the stylus into its client area. The drawing can then be saved into an image.

OutlookShortcutBar .NET

allows you to you create a list of shortcuts to other functions or applications within your application. The list can be expanded or collapsed just like the shortcutbar in Microsoft Outlook application.

OutlookWeekCalendar .NET

is designed to display your planned appointments, meetings or just notes throughout the day or throughout the week. The description of the planned item can be customized.

OutlookMonthCalendar .NET

Displays your planned appointments, meetings or just notes throughout the month or throughout the year. You can customize how many months should be displayed in a row, when displaying the year plan.

OutlookDateTimePicker .NET

This control can be used in two different styles:

  1. Date and time picker for selection of date, time or both.
  2. Week day picker for a week day selection, typically used in a calendar agenda like programs.

Zip .NET

This is not a UI control, but rather a library written completely in .NET managed code. It allows the programmer to compress streams of data by using the industry standard zip compression. Several levels of compression can be chosen. The compressed archive can also be password protected.

All the controls mentioned so far have strong Visual Studio designer support.

About Resco.NET

Resco is a leading developer company in creating software for mobile devices running the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. Beginning with development of end-user applications which are currently the best selling, Resco moved on to creating developer libraries, taking the experience along. Foundation of Developer Tools division at Resco and its effort has now resulted in rich variety of developer tools, controls, libraries, samples as well as model applications that Resco offers.

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