Smart Devices
Smart devices offer an interactive and autonomous experience via different wireless protocols, like WiFi, 3G, NFC, and IoT. Smart devices can be operated with a minimal human supervision and provide awesome intelligent outcomes.


  • Smart Countertop Oven Showcased By Whirlpool At CES 2019

    According to the company's sub-brand WLabs, the appliance automatically recognizes the type of food placed inside and it also sets the time and temperature required for a personalized and perfecte
  • Invoking Unmanaged DLL Functions from Compact Framework for Pocket PC

    In this example we will use the Compact Framework to create a program containing a launch pad for the Pocket PC.
  • Acer Brings Powerful Windows 10 Productivity To Its Smartphone

    PC manufacturer, Acer, just announced its latest smartphone, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo, loaded with the Windows 10 operating system.
  • Delta Airlines Accused of Violating Privacy Laws

    The state of California of the United States is suing Delta Airlines for violating their Privacy Protection and Unfair Competition laws.
  • Apple Versus Samsung, the Verdict

    The verdict is in for Apple's suit accusing Samsung of patent violation and Samsung's counter-suit.
  • Galaxy Note 8.0 coming to AT&T within weeks

    AT&T announced today that the 4G LTE-connected Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available exclusively within few weeks.
  • What is Microsoft SmartGlass

    Microsoft SmartGlass allows you to view movies or videos on multiple devices wirelessly without any hardware storage like TIVO or cable boxes.
  • iPad mini is coming to Verizon Wireless

    iPad mini is coming to Verizon Wireless
  • Microsoft will build its Windows Phone

    A report published on Reuters reports that Microsoft may be building more hardware including its own Windows Phone.
  • Microsoft Introduces TouchDevelop

    Microsoft Introduces TouchDevelop, a platform to build games and apps on a device or tablet. TouchDevelop also as a Web app that runs in your browser.
  • Best Buy Starts Selling Microsoft Surface

    No need to go to Microsoft Store anymore. Best Buy Starts Selling Microsoft Surface
  • Want cheaper iPhone 5? Try Walmart

    Walmart is ready to do whatever it takes to capture more consumers and what can be better than iPhone 5?
  • Move aside Android and iOS, here comes Tizen

    Linux based smartphone operating system coming this year.
  • Vizio Announces Windows 8 Tablet

    Vizio Announces Windows 8 Tablet
  • Year 2013 Welcomes Phablets

    Forget smartphone. Forget tablets. Forget Netbooks. Year 2012 has been a year of phablets.
  • Google Nexus 4 in High Demand

    Google Nexus 4 is sold out in Europe.
  • BlackBerry 10 Announced

    RIM Announces BlackBerry 10
  • Apple still the King in Smartphones in USA

    Apple leads in the sales of smartdevices and Google leads in mobile operating systems in USA.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out

    It seems like Microsoft is getting a good response from its customers. Most of the stores have sold out Surface Pro 128GB model.
  • Microsoft Releases Outlook for Android

    Are you an Android user? Good news. Now you can have Outlook emails on your Android device.
  • Firefox OS Developer Phone Sold Out

    Firefox OS Developer Phone Sold Out
  • 3D Phone Coming Your Way

    Tired of 3D TV. Here comes 3D Phone.
  • Nokia Releases Lumia 2520

    Nokia just releases its first tablet Lumia 2520, loaded with Windows RT 8.1 OS.
  • Swatch Watch For Windows And Android On The Way

    Swatch, the Swiss watch maker plans to jump into the smartwatches races with an upcoming launch of its smartwatch sometime in April this year, Bloomberg reported today.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Will Run On Windows 10

    Alcatel OneTouch is known for manufacturing low cost devices is building a Windows 10 powered smartphone.
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