Why did I return my Microsoft Surface Tablet

Do you really want to know?

This year in June, Microsoft announced its first Tablet, Surface. Surface Tablet comes in two models – Windows RT and Windows Pro. Windows RT is geared towards mobile users and you may think it as a replacement of any other Tablet. Windows Pro is geared towards business users who want to work on their Tablet. You can read more about Windows RT vs Windows Pro here.

Earlier this month, I visited a nearby Microsoft Store and got myself a Surface Tablet. If you want to know what I think of it, read my experience with Microsoft Store

If you ask me, Surface is a good product. It is a good Tablet. I like Windows 8 on it and I can do my actual work on it (not really) but emails, outlook, office kind of work, like writing this blog :). It looks great. Works well. 

Then couple of week later, I returned my Tablet.

Why did I return it?

I liked everything about the Tablet, even though it wasn't an iPad but there is one thing I could not live with. It was so annoying, I hated it. And that was the stand. You cannot adjust the height of the Tablet.


Second reason was not having 3G/4G. If I am on wi-fi, I usually have my laptop, I needed a Tablet that I could used anywhere. 

If I don't like a specific feature, I would return a product. That's me.

Here is another good story why Jason returned his Surface.