Microsoft Surface Specs and features

Microsoft Surface


Surface is a new tablet for from Microsoft. Microsoft itself manufactured the surface hardware device and powered by newer version windows operating system. We can use it as a tablet PC or like ultra book. Surface will be launched in two flavors.

·         Surface with ARM processor which will run on Windows RT.

·         Surface with Intel processor (i5) which will run on Windows Pro.

 The following are the main specs of Surface

1.      Window RT or windows Pro version of windows 8.

2.      Maximum built in storage memory 128 GB.

3.      Micro SD card for extended memory.

4.      USB 3.0 supported in pro version.


1.      Surface will come with a surface cover which will also act as a separate keyboard device.  This is the key component of surface. Keyboard is connected to surface magnetically.

2.      Surface will also come with back stand to support vertical placement of surface so that we can use it without event holding it in hands or touching it.

3.      Internal graphics card support.

4.      Supports simultaneous interaction of touch points.


Application Development for surface

There are lots of opportunities for developers to go for application development for surface as new platforms and technologies has been developed and the scope of already existed technologies has been extended for surface application development environment.

We can develop applications in WPF, HTML, CSS, XNA for gaming, JavaScript and new framework introduced by Microsoft i.e. Windows Runtime (Windows RT).


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