What To Do In Your Free Time When Not Coding


You might wonder sometimes, what to do in your free time. Everyone gets confused at some point in time every day. It is not about one day or two days. This question arises in our mind every day. If we ask people for what they do in their spare time, we will surely get answers like - "I read books", "I listen to songs", "I watch movies" etc. but my question is - Does it really help? Or does it make any sense? Or does it even increase our knowledge?

And the answer to this question is "No". A big "NO". Listening to songs may lead to an upswing of mood, watching movies may just waste our time, however, reading books can be helpful at times.

So, I've got a good and interesting remedy for this. If you are a technical geek, then you must read the articles posted on sites like C# Corner, Stack Overflow, Code Project, ASP.NET etc. Now, some of you might say, "we do it every day while solving errors". Yes! Everyone does that. But our point is what we really do in our spare time or when we get bored. It is not about solving our own errors. We never spend the time to learn from other’s mistake.

I am not asking you to read similar things that you come across while working, rather I am urging you to read new topics. There is a lot more happening in the entire world (not in all aspects, I am talking about the technology only ). Lots of guys are working on lots of technologies and they encounter many different problems that we have never heard of. Even many of them are working on their own new ideas. By reading about these innovative ideas/ new errors, we get to know many things that we can not even keep count of. 

I bet that we will not get bored while we give our precious time to reading these articles. In fact, we cannot get bored. After all, it is human nature to get attracted to every new thing we see for the first time, provided that we have some or a little interest in it. For example, I love programming and being a developer, I will be curious if I see something new. But I won’t get that excited in the same way for political news since that does not interest me.

I can list down the advantages of visiting these sites.

  1. We get to know many different technological developments.
  2. We learn new techniques for the task that we were doing in a different way.
  3. Our mind gets refreshed.
  4. We get stress free.
  5. Our free time is well spent.
  6. After reading, we can continue to work on our regular tasks in a free state of mind.


There is a basic proverb - "Learn from other people’s mistakes".  And lots of people are making mistakes each and every second. We just need to learn from those.