Working With Circular Progress Bar In Visual Studio 2017


In this article, I will explain about the working of the circular progress bar in Windows.Forms using Visual Studio 2017. Circular Progress Bar is a custom control with animation.
Step1 - Start the project

Open Visual Studio 2017--->Start New Project---->Windows.Forms application and name it as Circular Progress Bar.

Visual Studio

Step 2 - Download the NuGet Packages

In order to download NuGet Packages, right-click the project file, and choose "Manage NuGet Packages".

Visual Studio
Step3 - Install Circular Pogress Bar from NuGet Packages

Now, browse Circular Progress bar from the NuGet Packages. Download and install CircularProgressBar.
Visual Studio 
Step 4 - Drag and Drop Circular Progress bar

In toolbox, under the general field, the installed Circular Progress bar is available. From the Toolbox, drag and drop the Circular Progress Bar onto the form.
Visual Studio 

Visual Studio
Step 5 - Drag and Drop Button

Now, drag and drop the Button from the Toolbox on the form in Visual Studio 2017. Right-click the Button and change its properties like Text, Name, and Font. Here, I changed the text of the Button as Run. Similarly, name and other properties of a button can be changed.

Step 6 - Properties of Circular Progress Bar

Right-click the Circular Progress bar and change the properties like value, style etc. 

Visual Studio

Step 7 - Coding for Button Click

Now, it's time to code. Follow the code given below in the screenshot for Button-click event.

Visual Studio
Step 8 - Coding for the Circular Progress bar in the form

Use the code given below in the screenshot for Circular Progress bar in the form.

Visual Studio

Step 9 - Output of the project

Compile and run the code. The following output will appear.

Visual Studio

Step 10 - Add additional design to your Circular Progress Bar
If you feel your Circular Progress Bar is looking dull, add additional design to your Circular Progress Bar. Right-click the Circular Progress Bar and change its properties. Here, I have changed the following properties like Style, Subscript colour, Subscript text, value, Progress color, and outer colour.
Output of the Circular Progress Bar project

Now, compile and run the code. The output will appear as given below in the screenshot.
Visual Studio

Hope this article is interesting for you. In my next article, I will explain how to install NuGet Packages in Visual Studio 2017. Please feel free to comment in case of error or any issue. Thank you for reading.