Delete Duplicate Rows In SQL Server Using Common Table Expression

It is a common exercise for all  developers to delete duplicate records from a SQL table for many reasons. One of the main reasons is Excel or CSV data provided by your client. So here are a few lines of code for all developers to detect and remove those extra records from the SQL server database table with ease. 
Let's take an example of a simple table with duplicate records.
 Id     EmployeeName     Technology
 1     Arkadeep  Sitecore
 2  Ratul  .NET
 3  Soumi  Azure
 4  Arkadeep  Sitecore
Out of 4 records, 1 & 4 are duplicates. 
Now let's remove the duplicate using SQL queries. 
Let's say the table name is  [Account].[Users], so the query to remove the duplicate will be 
  1. WITH tblTempEmp as    
  2. (    
  3. SELECT ROW_NUMBER() Over(PARTITION BY [EmployeeName], [Technology] ORDER BY Name)    
  4.    As RowNumber, * FROM [Account].[Users]    
  5. )    
  6. DELETE FROM tblTempEmp WHERE RowNumber >1    
  8. SELECT * FROM [Account].[Users]    
After running the query, run a select query to get the records and you will get only 3 unique records.