Add An Extension Template In Azure VM


An active Azure account.

This blog explains adding extension templates for running VM. The following link provides the means  for creating a VM and slight adjustments have to be made to add an extension. From the provided link follow up to step number 5 and then some adjustments have be made & you can proceed as usual from step number 6.

Adding extensions to VM

Step 1

In settings dialog box, select Extensions option->Add extension ->(resources are provided in templates and you can select what the resources you need and I have selected ESET Malware) And click ->create button


Step 2

From the following install extension dialog box it requires the license key for activation of ESET along with VM, but you can activate it later, just click –>OK button.


Step 3

Select the default settings and click ok.


The remaining steps for logging into VM is provided from the following link and follows from step number 6. After logging into VM you can see the template has been added.

Hope you have learned something. Thank you.