Add Incognito Mode for Any Browser in Visual Studio

In web development, most of the time developers face problems due to cookies and history which are automatically saved by the browser during  the running of web pages. In my case, I have faced a lot of problems due to this history, and the cookies always deleting the browser history is a headache for developers. If you are developing dynamic web page content through Java script I think you also probably face the same problem. So this blog will help you learn how to get rid of this problem.

Before I tell you how to solve this problem, I assume that you know all browsers have  a private mode which is technically also called incognito mode. This mode means that it doesn't store any information of that web page that you are running now;  itmeans it doesn't maintain any history or cookies for the web page.

So If we add this incognito browser to our VS then the problem that we face is solved; to add this mode you are required to follow below steps.
Step 1: Open any web project in VS.
Step 2: Go to the VS browser tool window:
Click on the arrow mark it will open a window like below:

Step 3: Click on the Option "Browse with" then it will open a window like below:

Then click on Add button; then it will open another window like below:
Step 4: Then click on browse button as indicated in the above figure as arrow mark, then you need to select your browser from your drive.

Then click on Open button.

Step 5:
After you click Open button then the Program box will fill up with your path location of Chrome and in next textbox you provide some argument for browser and you need to write "--incognito" in that box. Make sure that you write as it is.

Then click on Browse or set as default, then hopefully your page will open in incognito mode.

That's all about adding this incognito mode to VS. Hope this blog will help you.