Azure Network Watcher


Azure Network watcher is a feature in Azure that will enable you to monitor and troubleshoot and refer to the logs for the resources in the Azure Virtual Network. In case of any issue with networking, you can use Azure Network watcher to troubleshoot networking issues with Azure Virtual Network.

Azure Network Watcher

There are multiple ways to use a network watcher for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Using Azure Portal

Go to the home page of Azure Portal and search for Azure Network Watcher.

Azure Network Watcher


You can also use Azure Powershell to work with Azure Network Watcher. Once the VM is created, you can use the below commands to work with the network watcher.

 Enable Network Watcher

$networkWatcher = Get-AzNetworkWatcher -Name NetworkWatcher_easteurope -ResourceGroupName rgname

Here, we have to provide the network watcher name and resource group name.

Troubleshooting with IP Flow

You can use the PowerShell command Test-AzNetworkWatcherIPFlow to troubleshoot IP flow.

Features of Azure Network Watcher


We can create and proactively monitor end-to-end connections from one point to another point. End-to-end monitoring will help us to detect all security and other potential threats. We can also create and monitor performance with respect to delays etc to improve the performance of the application.


Azure Network watcher provides more inputs and analytics insights to troubleshoot and debug the connectivity issues.

IP Flow

With the help of IP Flow, we can check whether connectivity or network traffic from one NSG rule to another is allowed or denied. We can also check potential issues with network traffic which will help us to understand more about the issues.

Troubleshooting Tools

Azure Network watcher allows you to test and troubleshoot connections for MQFTE, FQDNs, URI, and IDP4 addresses.

Metric Tools

While working with Azure, there are certain limitations for various resources. With the help of Metric Tools, We can proactively monitor all relevant resource limitations for various Azure resources

Pricing of Azure Network Watcher

Network Watcher includes 1,000 checks per month of the Network Diagnostic Tool. When you reach this limit, Microsoft charges $1 per 1,000 checks. 

  • 10 to 240,010 tests – $0.30 per test per month
  • 240,010 to 750,010 tests – $0.10 per test per month.
  • 750,010 to 1,000,010 tests – $0.05 per test per month
  • 1,000,010 and up tests – $0.02 per test per month

 You can refer Azure Pricing page for more details:


Azure Network Watcher is a useful resource for troubleshooting network problems.