Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates For AZ-900 Exam

In this blog, we are going to learn Azure Resource Manager templates for AZ-900 Exam with a few questions and answers. 

Azure Resource Manager template is a block of code that defines the infrastructure and configuration for your project. These templates use a declarative syntax to let you define your deployment in the form of JSON files. 

  • Create resources using JSON 
  • You can copy your JSON code from resources that you are setting up, or which have already been set up 
  • The entire template is verified before any code is executed. 
  • Make sure all dependencies are done first. 
  • Should not fail halfway through 
  • It enables the orchestration of multiple resources in parallel 
  • Can be used to create 50 VNets, for example.  
  • Not generally used for one-off actions. 

1. Question 

Your company has several business units.  

Each business unit requires 20 different Azure resources for daily operation. All the business units require the same type of Azure resources.  

You need to recommend a solution to automate the creation of the Azure resources.  

What should you include in the recommendations? 

  • A. Azure Resource Manager templates  
  • B. virtual machine scale sets  
  • C. the Azure API Management service  
  • D. management groups 

Answer: A 

2. Question 

Your company has 10 offices. You plan to generate several billing reports from the Azure portal. Each report will contain the Azure resource utilization of each office. 

Which Azure Resource Manager feature should you use before you generate the reports? 

  • A. tags 
  • B. templates  
  • C. locks  
  • D. policies Answer 

Answer: A 

Thank you