Create, Configure And Use SQL Server Database Using Microsoft Azure

In this blog I had explained how to create, configure and SQL Server database in Microsoft Azure.

Open Microsoft Azure Portal.

Logged in with your subscription Microsoft account

In your portal

Click New -> SQL database


Click Add

Provide the database name and select the subscription of your account

Create a new resource group


Click on the server to create a new server


Provide the Server name of your newly creating Database Server

Provide the login username and password to access the database server

Pick your server location

Click Select to create a new SQL server

SQL Elastic pool by default: N0

SQL elastic pool

SQL Database elastic pools are a simple, cost-effective solution for managing and scaling multiple databases

Pick the pricing tier -> In my scenario am picked Basic 2GB


Collation By Default

Click Create


So now the SQL server database has been created successfully and ready to Go

Now will connect it from local SQL Server Management Studio

Click Connect


Provide the server name “”

Pick authentication type “SQL Sever authentication”

Provide the username and password

Click Ok and connection works successfully


Created database has been shown inside the server

Now going to create a table inside the database for example


  1. Create table AzureDB(Sub_name varchar(50))  



You can also get the connection string from azure portal to click on connection string option