Creating Application Insights On Azure


This blog will lead you through the process of creating Application Insights on Azure.

What are Application Insights?

This is a very effective service on Microsoft Azure which helps us track the performance and usage of our device app or web application. We can apply these Application Insights on any application, whether hosted at an on-premise one or at Azure cloud.


  • Click here for a Kick-start with the Application Insights on Microsoft Azure.


  1. Microsoft Azure account. Click here to get a free Microsoft Azure account. (This will be a temporary one).
  2. Visual Studio 2015. Click here to download Visual Studio 2015.

Follow the below steps now.

Step 1

Login to the new Azure Portal using this link. Enter your credentials over here for Azure.


Here is your Azure Portal homepage.


Step 2

Select Application Insights using the below options-

New - Developer Tools - Application Insights (preview).


Enter a name, Resource, Application Type, Subscription, Resource Group and Location for your Application Insights.

Let me fill the details as shown below.

  • Name csharpdemoai
  • Application Type ASP .NET web application
  • Resource Group Create a new resource group – csharpdemoai
  • Location East US

Click on “Create” now.

Here, you can find that the app of Application Insights has been created and it is available on the dashboard of your Azure home page.


Step 3

Click on the Application Insights that we have created, namely “csharpdemoai”.


Check out the following things over here.

  1. Properties -> Instrumentation Key
  2. Application Health Lens
  3. Web Test Responses
  4. Metrics Explorer
  5. Diagnostic Search
  6. Servers
  7. Diagnostics Lens
  8. Performance Lens
  9. Usage Analytics Lens
  10. Operations section
  11. Access Section

Follow my next blogs to work on Telemetry in Application Insights, adding Application Insights to a new web app, and to an existing web app, etc.