Cross Region Replication in S3

In this blog, we are going to learn about AWS S3 cross-region replication. AWS S3 Cross-Region Replication is a bucket-level configuration that enables automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across buckets in different AWS Regions, these buckets are referred to as source bucket and destination bucket.
Step 1
Let's create two buckets as the source and destination. Please check the below snapshot.
Step 2
Let's enable the cross-region replication feature to a bucket. For that, please go to the properties of the bucket under the management tab click on the replication button. Please check the below snapshot.
See in the above snapshot I have marked text as if you haven't created any cross-region replication rules for this bucket.
Step 3 
Let's add or create the rules for the bucket. Please click on the add rule button. In the below snapshot, we can see one warning in which the bucket doesn't have versioning enabled.
Let's enable the versioning for a bucket by clicking on the enable versioning button.
Step 4 
Let's configure the destination bucket. Please check the below snapshot where we can select the destination bucket. The destination bucket can be the same region or a different region.
Step 5 
The next step is to enable configuration. Please check the below snapshot. Under the configuration tab, I am creating a role.
Step 6 
After clicking on the next button there is another tab called a review. Please check the below snapshot for the review tab.
Please review the details before enabling the replication policy.
Please click on the save button, Can take a few moments to set that up but once it's set up it is ready to go. So we'll look like this.
When we set up cross-region replication, essentially it's not going to do. The objects that are already in that bucket so we need to upload objects or files manually using the upload option. Let's upload the files that are an object to the source bucket and the same object will be replicated in the destination bucket.
In this blog, we learned about AWS S3 cross-region replication. By achieving cross-region replication, objects are asynchronous while copying to the destination bucket.
I hope that you find it helpful.