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Looking at forum posts, we can see that some of the questions are not well "formatted". It's hard for community members to understand the nature of the problem and what is requested.
Open your mind, take the keyboard and be patient.


Have you ever gone to a doctor?
I'm sure you visited a doctor. You need to know what is your problem first, if you have a broken leg or chest pain to choose the correct specialty.
When you start the appointment for the first time, they will ask about you certain questions, this is called anamnesis, it's when he asks about the medicine you use and your medical history, if you drink, how much, etc.
When you complain about pain, but don't say "where" is the pain, or "when" it happens, it will be impossible for the doctor to figure out what is your problem. This does not help.


When you ask a question on a forum, you need to keep in mind that the other person does not know where you are coming from. You need to explain clearly, with some background. You need to write clearly and in good grammar. The more details, the better it is.
On C# Corner forums, you have the "medical" specialty like "SQL", "C#", ".NET", etc.
This is the easy part for techies like us.
But sometimes, it's missing what  you are asking for, what is your need, most of the time, when you post your source code with the question, it is easier to understand the problem. But if it is a vague question then it is impossible to understand the symptoms and the environment that could cause the problem.


Combine these keys to formulate your question,
  • WHEN (action) - What fires your problem;
  • THEN (action) - What are the behavior of the action;
  • USING (technology) - What are your others techs used;
  • AT (server, cloud, client) - What platform or local;
  • RAISES (error) - There are some output message error?;
  • NEED (result) - If not yet self-explanatory you can specify your requests.
It's good. If possible, post some screenshots if need to be.


Just like medicine, you are looking for a solution.
Be patient and ask a good question, provide details, and you may have an answer more quickly than you can imagine.
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